Brian A. Kirk Jr.
Managing Partner

Brian is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Eyes On Profile. He has over twenty years of executive recruiting and career management experience. Brian has acted as a career management consultant for C-Suite level executives, ranging from small niche asset management firms to global multinational corporations.

Brian is a graduate of the University of Missouri. He is based in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.
Meghan Kirk
Senior Partner

Meghan is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of Eyes On Profile. She oversees the Eyes On Profile production service from product origination to final editing. Meghan has successfully coached and transitioned C-Suite level executives from multiple industries and all levels of professional experience.

Meghan has a degree in theater from Stephens College, and has been acting and singing since the age of 12. Meghan has performed in countless regional theater productions in both New York, St. Louis and Los Angeles. She is based in St. Louis, MO.
Ben Nordstrom
Senior Career Director

Ben is a Senior Career Director with Eyes On Profile. As a Career Director, Ben oversees the Eyes On Profile coaching, directing and production process. Ben has over twenty years of professional acting and directing experience.

Ben is an accomplished film, theater and television actor. He is a St. Louis Theater Circle Award winner and multiple nominee of the Kevin Kline Award. He is based in St. Louis, MO.
Trisha Kirk
Lead Editor

Trisha is the Head of Editing and Content. As a Lead Editor, Trisha is responsible for overseeing and managing the editing process for all Eyes On Profile productions.

Trisha has over ten years of professional editing experience. She has edited and produced both commercial advertising campaigns and television productions for fortune 500 companies and regional corporations. Trisha is based in St. Louis, MO.

Support Staff

John Christian
Senior Editor

John is the Editing Director for Eyes On Profile. He is responsible for Eyes On Profile editing and production services.

He is an Emmy award winning film editor and producer. John began his career in Hollywood working on major motion picture trailers and featurettes. John’s work can be seen on national advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies as well as various reality television shows. John is based in St. Louis, MO.
Chris Dowling
Director of Research

Chris is the Director of Research for Eyes On Profile. Chris is responsible for research and client development. Chris graduated from Webster University with B.A. in Public Relations with an emphasis in Marketing.

Chris has experience working in both the nonprofit and the private sectors. He has extensive experience in service, sales and event management. He is based in St. Louis, MO.